Katie Schulzetenberg-

Stout students, get ready to welcome more Chippewa Valley Technical College students, because as of late, Stout has decided to allow CVTC students guaranteed admission as long as they fulfill the minimum grade requirements and other requirements regarding their major. CVTC sends more transfer students to Stout than any of Wisconsin’s other technical colleges, so it only makes sense that Stout would want to secure that bond.

This relationship benefits both students and the two institutions. “It benefits CVTC students because they are ‘guaranteed’ admission to UWStout while they are still at CVTC. They can work with advisors (and Stout will have an advisor at CVTC) to make sure that all of their classes will transfer into Stout and that they meet any additional requirements.

It benefits Stout as they will know how many transfer students are in the pipeline for their various majors and programs,” said Julie Furst-Bowe, CVTC Vice President of Instruction and former Vice Chancellor at UWStout. Students attending Chippewa Valley Technical College go there to fulfill their generals, and then transfer to Stout to take on their major.

Amber Larson, a transfer student from Chippewa Valley Technical College mentions how she, like many others, chose Stout for these reasons. “I was deciding between Eau Claire and Stout because of the agreement,” she answered.

Students will be be guaranteed admission starting fall of 2017. Furst-Bowe explained how this agreement will help especially help CVTC students because they will then have access to advisers from both schools, providing them with all the information and assistance they need to complete their degree.

“This is a win-win for both the students and the institutions,” Furst-Bowe added. Stout can expect more Chippewa Valley Technical students now than ever due the accessibility and ease of enrollment for them.

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