During last year’s World Series, it seemed like the only important thing that was going on was whether the Nationals were actually going to beat the Astros. But days after the Nationals hoisted the illustrious championship trophy above their heads, a scandal was about to break.

In October 2019, a story broke on The Athletic stating that the Houston Astros had cheated to win the 2017 World Series by stealing signs.

The sign-stealing went as follows: there would be a camera positioned in centerfield of Minute Maid Park where the Astros play their home games. The Astros would take a few innings by watching the monitors they had positioned in their dugout. Once the Astros knew which signs the pitcher and catcher were using for pitches, they would hit a trash can to alert the person hitting that the incoming pitch would be an off-speed pitch. “I do not know who thought it was a good idea, but they thought long and hard on it because it was a pretty elaborate plan, to say the least. Should have been a bigger punishment.” said student Ciara Delozier

On January 13th After a thorough investigation, the commissioner of Major League Baseball Rob Manfred would release his findings and subsequent punishment of said investigation. Manager AJ Hinch and General Manager Jeff Luhnow were both suspended from the league for one season. The team was fined 5 million dollars and lost 1st and 2nd round draft picks in 2020 and 2021. “The punishment should have been way more than what it was. Possibly even strip their championship title. There is no place for that in professional sports.” said student Tyler Starcevich.

Hinch and Luhnow were fired by the Astros, and the Red Sox and Mets managers were fired days after the report came out for their involvement on the 2017 team. “This is such a poor choice in any sport,” said student Dylan Pass.

Many teams and players are very upset about the punishment that was given to the Astros. It is even possible that the Astros were cheating during this year’s playoff run, by using buzzers. We might never know if that were true or not, as the Astros players were given full immunity if they fully complied with the MLB during the investigation.