Hannah Lundquist-


Alright everyone, this one is for real! Coming soon to Menomonie is a branch of Erbert and Gerbert’s Sandwich Shop, commonly referred to as “Erb’s & Gerbs.” Erbert and Gerbert’s is an Eau Claire based franchise that has found its way to our community!


The shop will open up on Broadway sometime within the next year. Though the information from Erb’s & Gerb’s website is not exactly clear when their doors will open, they do provide an address for the new restaurant, which will be located next to the Outback Laundromat where the old Cenex used to be.


After Stoutonia’s infamous Chipotle article, combined with the excitement that everyone was feeling, it seems only fitting to hear from students and how they feel about a new restaurant really coming to town:


Jasmine Thompson, a student in the Human Development and Family Studies program, says, “I don’t really eat there, so it doesn’t really faze me,”


Jana Miller, a junior in the Hospitality program, says, “That is so exciting! Their food is so good!”


Emily McCormick, a junior in the Packaging program, says, “I think it would be a good idea because it would add a little variety to our limited choices here in Menomonie. They also have a high-quality product.”


Natalie Haas, a junior in the Retail Merchandising and Management program, says she doesn’t know what Erbert and Gerbert’s is, so she doesn’t know how to feel about them coming to town.


Kylie Frank, a junior in the Professional Communication and Emerging Media program, said, “I’d love it if Erbert and Gerbert’s came to Menomonie. They have great food!”


The people have spoken! Erbert and Gerbert’s sounds like it will be a hit for most students. Students will most likely also have the opportunity for employment here as well.


We won’t know more until they move in, however at least we can expect a new restaurant and a change of pace from the other sandwich shops in town, such as the Jimmy John’s or the three Subways.


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