Stoutonia has had some exciting changes and additions to the organization, including a brand new logo and their recent expansion to more platforms. There are even further developments that have gone underway lately, and it’s all thanks to the recent growth of the student org. 

It’s no surprise that student orgs have been suffering the past few years due to Covid, but Stoutonia has bounced back stronger than ever. The beginning of spring semester, 2022, was the debut of their new logo, which was a welcomed and refreshing change for the newspaper. 

The number of members has also gone up significantly within the past year. They went from under 10 members in the fall semester of 2021, to 20 members currently. This welcomed growth has given way to these new developments and opportunities, such as the revival of the Stoutonia YouTube channel and the newly created Stoutonia Spotify, in which students can request songs to be added to the Stoutonia playlist.

Another development for Stoutonia is their recent partnership with the Stout organization Radio Blaze. This partnership is mainly due to the anticipated Stoutonia podcast, with Radio Blaze helping out with the production of it. The podcast, hosted by Gracyn Leukam, plans to release new episodes every two weeks during the academic year . The goal of the show will be to spread awareness about the student org to continue to deliver news for students by students on a different platform. 
Stoutonia will continue to grow as they strive to provide news for students, and they are always looking for new members! There’s a place for everyone in this student org, whether you want to write, edit, illustrate, take photos or videos, and more, the organization will welcome you into the team with open arms. For more information, visit the Stoutonia website to apply today.