Cam Parucci-

A recent survey conducted around the University of WisconsinStout campus has shown that students campus-wide often opt to ignore High School Reunions in favor of checking their Facebook feed.   

Gone are the days of having attend a reunion to know what people are up to. One UWStout junior, Abby Turner, said, “Facebook is really nice for that, I learn who’s pregnant, married, who’s sharing really old memes and what kind of jobs they’re working. It’s fantastic! And I don’t actually have to talk to anyone!”

According to the survey, people from local high schools come out of the woodwork on Facebook. In the face of heated political debates, national tragedies and general news, the survey showed that up to 75% of the people students “never planned on seeing again” come alive again to debate everyone who holds beliefs different than their own on the platform. Be it sports, politics, celebrities, politics, cute dogs or politics, it is a near guarantee that people from your hometown are ready and waiting to argue on Facebook.

“It’s great at improving my rhetoric, honestly, and that’s been my favorite part,” English major Tom McCormick said, “I can guarantee that when anything remotely debatable happens, my Facebook feed fills with people ready to debate for hours. Plus, I never have to leave my house! I’ll never need to go to a high school reunion if this keeps up.”

While the future of political debate may be unclear, there are still always three constants in life: death, taxes and people who want to argue with you on Facebook.

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