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The year’s first University of Wisconsin–Stout Local Area Network (LAN) party had a successful kickoff; the LAN took place September 25 through Sept 27 hosted by the UW–Stout, People’s Organization of Network Gaming (PONG).

Ronnie Smith, the PONG treasurer, said that, “310 people were signed up online for the weekend’s LAN party,” which is a fantastic turnout for the 48-hour gaming event, in which players can come together and play any number of video games.


LAN’s offer a new and updated way of playing video games with friends and the community.  When asked about the LAN, Aaron McKenzie, a UW–Stout junior said that he liked, “…the atmosphere and the fact that you can get up and talk with new people about similar interests like video games.” McKenzie was playing League of Legends, an online battle game.

The social aspect of the LAN seemed to be a common interest in the LAN participants. Collin Marrone, another UW–Stout student, stated when asked about his favorite part of the event, “The fact that you can interact with the people sitting next to you rather than sitting at home alone is what makes the LAN so much fun.” Marrone had gamed for 9+ hours at the event.

LAN parties at UW–Stout thrive not only because of the gaming, but also because of the social aspect and the connections being made between one another. LAN parties are a new way to experience your favorite video games with the people around you.  If you’re a game enthusiast then a LAN party is the party for you.

Pong_LAN Pong_LAN

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