By Jessica Vaysberg:

A design process that began last summer recently turned into an award for a group of University of Wisconsin–Stout students at the Fusion + Fashion show at the Aria in Minneapolis.

The award for best makeup and hair was received by Apparel Design and Development sophomore Nicole Kluck, Interior Design seniors Mary Brandt and Samantha Swanson and recent Interior Design graduate Autumn Ash.

“The design presented at the show was inspired by the Crystal Court located in the IDS Center in Minneapolis,” said Brandt. “We were inspired by the contrast of black and white, tall vertical elements and cubed shapes.”

The four of them began the design process in the summer of 2013 by taking photos of architecture in Minneapolis. Once school started, they began the ideation process through sketches and material investigations. Once their final design was set to go, they began building the garment.

The four of them faced challenges along the way. “The biggest challenge we faced while working on this project was learning to incorporate everyone’s ideas into one design,” said Brandt.

This collaboration was unique in that it involved both interior designers and an apparel designer.

“I think interior design can play a role in apparel design because we can use the design principles we’ve learned in our classes such as contrast, form, texture and basing designs around a concept to make a successful design,” said Brandt. “We combined our interior design and apparel experiences by using interior design principles and presenting them seamlessly with the skills of an apparel student.”

“We decided to enter the design in the event to become more involved in the International Interior Design Association organization of professional interior designers in the area, and, in Nicole’s case, to gain experience designing garments,” said Brandt.

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