Written by: Emma Ozark

Emma Ozark/ Stoutonia

Fashion Without Fabric, or FWOF, is an (in)famous UW-Stout art project and competition normally required for 3D design experience — a fundamental class for any art or design major. Unfortunately, it has been canceled this year due to the pandemic. 

The competition is pretty much what it sounds like: Students design (based on a specific prompt) a wearable piece of fashion without standard fabric and present it on the runway. 

So what would a COVID-themed FWOF look like? Comics artist Emma Ozark takes a comedic guess at the potential projects students could create. Check back every Monday for the next four weeks for a new model, and vote on your favorite! 

“Cyber Chaos” Emma Ozark/ Stoutonia

This student represents the many ways computers have taken over our lives after the pandemic. While attending a Zoom call, they secured a computer monitor onto a brightly decorated, one-armed mannequin. It is dressed with excess computer chords, a skirt made of Tweets and a battery inspired pelvis, which powers a remote-controlled office chair that allows the student to drive up and down the runway remotely. 

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