An Eau Claire based podcast created by Chris Johnson, Passion Pod, has spent the better part of the last two years building momentum and gaining fans in the surrounding area. Johnson has grand plans for the future of the show. 

“I am based in Eau Claire, but I want to create a community that supports anyone, anywhere out there that might need help finding that drive,” Johnson said.

Johnson felt he achieved everything he set out to do with Passion Board Shop, the Eau Claire business he opened in 2014, in 2019. But he wanted to find something new to funnel his energy into while continuing to connect with the community in meaningful ways. 

After a conversation with Eau Claire based musician Miles BLVD, Johnson set his sights on sharing the insights he gathered from Miles with as many people as he could. 

“We met up a week later and recorded our conversation and that was the beginning of Passion Pod,” Johnson said. 

As the weeks went on, Johnson felt more and more confident in his ability to provide meaningful and in-depth conversations with luminaries in various industries to help listeners find what they could be passionate about. 

The show started airing on Converge Radio as well as being released as a podcast weekly.

In the two years since the podcast started, Johnson started expanding the scope of the show by beginning to work in Los Angeles and bringing in more voices while continuing to work in Eau Claire. The show has talked to a wide range of voices, including University of Wisconsin-Stout alumni Blake Spiegel and “New Girl” star Lamorne Morris. 

The show also started a Patreon for fans to contribute money directly to the podcast to help him produce more content for those interested.

The expanding ambition of the show hasn’t deterred Johnson from continuing to share stories, stories he hopes will inspire more people to follow their dreams. 

“One of my favorite fan stories is this guy who wanted me to know that the show inspired him to follow his dream to become a weightlifter,” Johnson said. “We have never covered that subject, but we were still able to make an impact on someone.” 

Johnson hopes his show will one day be a massive success, but he believes his show will change the world regardless. He wants to make sure he is helping people find a way to follow their aspirations.

“If everyone was able to follow their passions, the world would be a better place.” Johnson said.