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Spotty recollections of bright lights, beautiful music, and crowds of people having the time of their lives are just a small part of these tall-tales that senior Pete Hubbard recites to wide-eyed freshman in his elective Rock Music History course.

The legacy of this historic Menomonie site, “Rehab,” are recalled by many UW-Stout student historians. Once a shining example of UW-Stout’s underbelly, the events of what happened behind those closed doors have been lost to recorded history.

However, through these tales of yore shared by the senior-class of UW-Stout, the legend of this “Rehab” location live on.

Stories include descriptions of wonderful architectural displays of metal poles coming out of the floor spread throughout, ornate pieces of avant-garde art and literature scrawled throughout site’s restroom walls, and floors that feet inexplicably stick to, like a sort of magnifying grip.

When asked about this site, Stout seniors and alumni often wistfully recall vague times there, such as birthdays, holidays, and advisement day eves celebrated within. They’re often left wondering what happened to that old place.

“It was a crazy place, dude,” says Hubbard. “I wouldn’t have traded my time there for anything in the world. You guys would’ve really loved it.”

Future generations of UW-Stout students may not be able to experience this place, but that won’t stop the people who’ve experienced it from telling their stories about it.

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