By Matthew Gundrum —

Do you ever wonder how music is selected in the Memorial Student Center? Do you ever wish that you could have a say in what is played? Well, the answers to these questions have finally been uncovered.

The MSC makes their selections from two Sirius XM Stations which can be toggled throughout the building. The choice of what’s played from those stations is made by building managers and depends on what events are taking place within the facility for that particular day.

However, an underutilized feature is also available to students. During lunchtime, it is possible to request a station either via Twitter or Facebook. These requests are taken in the form of polls on a weekly basis and allow students to have a voice in what is played at the MSC over lunchtime.

Unfortunately, these haven’t been popular in the past. “Last time we attempted (through Facebook and Twitter) to poll students for music choices, we got maybe three responses, so we pretty much stopped after those few times,” said MSC Reservations Office employee, Siri Bell.

Let’s change that and take an active role of what is played in the Student Center! So keep an eye on the MSC Facebook page or @UWStoutMSC on Twitter and be sure to vocalize your interest in bringing back student music requests.

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