Matt “Mao” Adam-

With the Fortnite conspiracy theory anticipating a meteor obliterating Tilted Towers at the end of season three, University of Wisconsin-Stout Fortnite players will need to explore new landing areas to achieve that victory royale in the game of the decade.


“I drop into Tilted when I’m feeling ambitious,” said sophomore Jake Thies, who plays Fortnite everyday.

Depending if you want to strategically drop straight into action, here are some of the most underrated areas to find some of the best smooth-sailing loot. These landing areas are popular to multiple Stout students.

The motel northwest of Anarchy Acres usually has about four to five chests, and only two to three people drop there in an average game. If the two broken-down buildings right beside the motel don’t have any chests, check inside the motel and in the semi-truck outside. Keep your eyes peeled for all of the hidden chests in this area. After you hit this motel, run southeast to the dirt cross in the ground where usually one or two more chests can be found underground.

You can’t overlook the Asian-themed Lucky Landing. There’s just so much loot. It’s plain and simple. Yes, there might be a hike to the next circle, but if you land at the tallest house towards the south, you’ll be golden. You might just get blessed by the circle; that’s why it’s called “Lucky.”

Even though it’s on the edge of the map and might entail a long trek, the results from Snobby Shores don’t lie. Usually around three people land at Snobby depending on where the battle bus flies. Land at the second-most north house and loot your way south through the houses. After, run through the soccer fields for some nice cherry-on-top type of loot.


“I like going to the top right corner at the tower because it always has a chest. Then I go to the cat and by then it’s not that far to the storm.” says sophomore Austin Getting. Getting and his floormates drop there almost every game. This area is found on the very top right corner of the map.

The racetrack furthest east is another favorite. Look for the random squiggles on the map, and as you’re gliding in, check for chests on top of the hill by the telescopes right before the house. There are often other players so stick your landing wisely.

Most important of all, just explore and mess around, whether that be fooling around with your building controls. Consider switching to “Builder Pro” or changing your matchmaking region. Either way, good luck, friends, on winning that victory royale.