Menomonie’s newest podcast, Downtown Menom, creates a fun and informative environment as it celebrates the city of Menomonie and its residents. Which is exactly what its hosts Dustyn Dubuque and Becca Schoenborn have set out to do. 

With its first episode launched in the summer of 2021, the podcast started out with an interest to share people’s stories of how they came to live in Menomonie, as well as to promote the city and what goes on there. 

“What kept coming up when we started it was that we both met so many cool people with wild stories and crazy backgrounds of how they ended up here and why they chose Menomonie to be their home,” Schoenborn said. “We just kept saying how we wished we had a way to tell people these stories.” 

Provided by Downtown Menomonie Podcast

With the creation of the podcast, Dubuque and Schoenborn discussed their goals of spreading awareness about Menomonie to people who live around the area. 

“Because we’re through Eau Claire Hometown Media, based on our statistics, 50% of our listeners are from Eau Claire. Which is even better because anything to draw people from Eau Claire to Menomonie is a good thing,” Dubuque said. 

Since the podcast is centered around the idea of illuminating all the great things about Menomonie to the public, it’s only natural that its hosts are very passionate about the city and its downtown area. 

Dubuque is the executive director of the Downtown Menomonie Board, and he has been a member of the Dunn County community his whole life. He mentioned his passion for talking to guests around the area, leading to him liking the idea of starting the Downtown Menom podcast. 

Schoenborn has been a member of the Downtown Menomonie Board for two years now, and is also passionate about the podcast. 

“I just think it’s fun to do and recording the episodes is always really fun because we’ve gotten along since we’ve met each other, so it’s a way for us to just crack jokes and make people laugh. It’s great,” Schoenborn said. 

The hosts have had a variety of guests on Downtown Menom since its creation, including UW-Stout’s Chancellor, Katherine Frank and Menomonie’s Chief of Police, Eric Atkinson. As Downtown Menom continues, Dubuque and Schoenborn have a lot planned and look forward to the future of the podcast.

“We were just saying the other day that we do look forward to it every month that we get to sit down and do these. It is a really fun time,” Dubuque said. 

Provided By Downtown Menomonie Podcast