By Sam Kilgard —

GoldLink is a rapper who has a sound like no other: “future bounce” is how he describes it. It’s a mix of EDM beats accompanied by hip hop vocals that blend impeccably.

A Washington D.C. native, Goldlink has been releasing music since 2013. Since then, he has  had a self-made album titled “The God Complex,” and just released his second album titled “And After That, We Didn’t Talk.”

GoldLink’s up-tempo rap style and blend of melodic EDM beats complement each other fantastically. His combination of rapping and singing creates an amazing flow that draws you in and keeps you listening. “How It’s Done” from his album “The God Complex” is a perfect example of this style combination. GoldLink has also teamed up with upcoming producer Kaytranada for his song “Sober Thoughts,” which is an up-tempo yet relaxing funk-infused electronic beat.

GoldLink also has a more emotional side to his music. In the song “Unique” he raps about love, and how unique the girl in his life is and what she means to him. He is assisted on the track by Anderson Paak, a fellow emerging artist who appeared on Dr. Dre’s “Compton” album several times.

GoldLink is bringing a never-before-heard sound to hip-hop. His songs are so fresh and original it’s hard not to move along with his flow. He is bringing together two music genres, which is amazing for hip-hop and EDM lovers because it gives them both an entirely new sound to fall in love with.

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