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On Feb. 10, University of WisconsinStout competed against University of St. Thomas in a Track and Field showcase. Stout had a very strong showing, with Morgan Gromowski having her career-best indoor high jump at 5-feet-3-inches. Lydia Meyer also had a very strong showcase and took first place in weight throw with a throw of 57-11.25.

“I mean, it wasn’t the best throw of my life, but knowing I can still beat some of the best girls out there with an okay throw really makes me feel good about how my season is progressing. I don’t need to throw my best throw today or tomorrow; I need to throw it when it counts,” said Meyer when asked about her throw in the showcase against St. Thomas.

The UW–Stout track and field team competed in the St. Thomas Showcase on Friday, February 10

In Meyer’s mind, that wasn’t one of her stronger performances. She stated that “it really gave me a sense of what I need to do,” but what she did was still very impressive. Meyer had a “game on” mindset going into the showcase, but the meet ran so late that some athletes like Meyer didn’t get to throw until around 10 p.m., which she says “made it hard to keep the energy up the whole meet.”

Stout’s next meet will be against University of WisconsinStevens Point, but the weekend of Feb. 24 and 25 will be a big one as Stout is hosting the WIAC Men and Women’s Indoor Championship this year.

“Being a senior and hosting conference really gives me the mindset to go out there and do what I do best, which is throwing it far,” says Meyer.

As far as how Meyer is feeling pressure-wise going into conference, she says, “My best throws come when there’s pressure and the energy at conference is amazing, and I know what my team can do! I have a feeling this will be a pretty amazing meet for some people.”

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