Cam Parrucci-

Move over, Bear Grylls! There’s a new tough guy in town, and he’s the coolest guy on campus, probably.

Seen walking out of Harvey Hall during a snowfall, of all things, senior Ron Peterson was wearing a tank top and shorts. It’s difficult to even type this out without a deep sense of gratitude and appreciation for someone who maintains such a manly and cool stature.

Apparently, cold doesn’t bother Peterson.  We don’t know this for sure, because we were too taken aback in sheer awe of how insanely cool and strong this guy must be for wearing shorts and a tank top in the cold.

Is Peterson a survivalist? Ex-military? A mountain man getting a degree? Questions like these run through every student’s head as they see the beard-clad Hercules-man walk through the snow.  The truth is, he might not be any of those things, but he might be all of them.

As Peterson is obviously the coolest, toughest man to ever live, we know he must’ve done some crazy things, like wrestling alligators, climbing Mount Everest or maybe even owning a longboard. I mean, look at the guy! He’s wearing shorts and a tank top, and it’s snowing!

While Peterson’s past adventures will perhaps always be a mystery, his glowing and bare calves and shoulders are sure to warm the hearts of campus all through the Winter.