Call of the Wild, based on the Jack London book of the same name, follows Buck, Judge Miller’s (played by Bradley Whitford) spoiled pet who is taken from his home and sold for money to be used as a guide for goldminers in Alaska. Once in Alaska, Buck is thrown into a whole new world where he meets Perrault (played by Omar Sy), leader of the dog sled team that delivers the mail who sees potential in Buck to be a great sled dog. Along the way, Buck meets John Thornton (played by Harrison Ford) a depressed man who lost his son, divorced his wife, and adventured out to Alaska to drink away his sorrows. The film shows Buck’s adventures as a sled dog for Perrault and then becomes John’s companion on an adventure into uncharted lands.

Call of the Wild, is a film that is definitely delight for dog lovers and owners. The motion capture and CGI for the dogs and some of the landscapes in the film are top-notch and shows off the dogs’ emotive expressions. Terry Notary, who did the motion capture as Buck, did a superior job acting and moving like an actual dog. The way Buck walks through snow for the first time ever was by putting his paws periodically in the air trying to warm them up.  Notary did a great job adding personality to a silent character through Buck’s reactions. Ford also gave a decent performance expressing John’s sadness and how Buck’s friendship brings joy to his life. 

The weakness of the film is that the film is largely meant for dog lovers and owners seeing how Buck is the main character of the film. Everything besides Buck is very underdeveloped. Anyone who isn’t a dog lover is not going to love this film and are probably going to think it’s dull. 

If you love dogs and have time to kill, go see Call of the Wild and have yourself a good time. 
Call of the Wild gets 7/10 stars.

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