Maureen Heaster-

Seventy-five percent of all bicycle fatalities are from head injuries, so why do less than 20 percent of cyclists wear helmets? I see a lot of students biking on campus, but rarely do I see anyone wearing a helmet while they are out and about. I wear mine religiously, no matter how far I’m biking.

This is mostly because I do not trust drivers to notice me or obey all traffic laws, especially when I’m out riding on a Friday night, since there is a higher chance for a driver to be intoxicated and less aware of me and my bike. I am much less concerned about helmet hair than I am with a car spreading my brains on the road.

Even when crossing campus between classes, there are other bikes, skateboards and pedestrians that could cause an accident. When I’m biking, I encounter a lot of people walking and texting, and have had to go out of my way to avoid them in case they do not notice me. While running into a person may not kill me, you do not have to fall far to injure your head.

I will admit, wearing a helmet can definitely be cumbersome. I have to carry it around with me to classes, it makes my head hot, and yes, it flattens my hair, but this is a small price to pay for peace of mind. Next time you hop on your bike, remember how fragile your head is and how much you like your face the way it is. Strap on that helmet for a safer ride.

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