Bryce Parr-

Starting off the new year, it’s time to discuss what I believe was the best album of 2017.

DAMN. by Kendrick Lamar has found its way into most of my social circles, and whenever a new friend wants to hear some tunes I’m usually asked, “Do you like Kendrick?” Behind the hype lies an album wrought with stories. The intro track “BLOOD.” sets the tone for the socially-conscious rhymes laid down by one of the most fluent and technical rappers of our generation. Kung Fu Kenny weaves vivid stories with banging beats and time changes effortlessly (one might say he “made it look sexy.”) The high energy beats of “DNA.” and “HUMBLE.,” offer a great dynamic opportunity for his more cerebral tracks like “YAH.” and “PRIDE.”

The album has enough depth to appeal to partygoers and poets alike, and a deeper listen brings out Lamar’s beliefs (or lack thereof) towards religion, family, and his place in America.