Logan Glaser/ Stoutonia

Hidden Gems @ Stout is a comic series created by Stoutonia’s very own Illustrator, Abby Borash, and is intended to showcase locations around campus for students looking to expand their knowledge on what University of Wisconsin-Stout’s campus has to offer. 

Abby will be creating and commenting on the locations by drawing—literally and figuratively—from her own experiences as a Stout student. She hopes to inspire other students to branch out from their daily routines and make the best of campus facilities. 

We aim to post a new location on a weekly basis. Towards the end of the semester, we will ask students to vote on their favorite location. Follow us on Instagram (stoutoniaonline) to check in with the latest!

Abby Borash/ Stoutonia

Tucked away on the 4th floor of Bowman Hall lies the ever-so-amazing Zen Zone. This room is the perfect area to relax with its aroma of lavender, lack of noise and stacks of coloring books. The soothing massage chairs were worth it, as I was panting after climbing the four flights of stairs–I should really start going to the UREC center more often. 

To use the Zen zone, you must check-in with the front desk on the 4th floor. This is because its maximum capacity is temporarily set at one. Without a doubt, this calming room includes the most comfortable seating on campus. It includes bean bag chairs, couches and previously mentioned massage chairs. I had to force myself off the massage chair before I fell asleep! 

The Zen Zone is intended entirely for students who just need to take a load off and chill, so definitely take advantage of this awesome room when things start to get a little heavy.