Logan Glaser/ Stoutonia

Hidden Gems @ Stout is a comic series created by Stoutonia’s very own Illustrator, Abby Borash, and is intended to showcase locations around campus for students looking to expand their knowledge on what Stout’s campus has to offer. 

Abby will be creating and commenting on the locations by drawing—literally and figuratively—from her own experiences as a Stout student. She hopes to inspire other students to branch out from their daily routines and make the best of campus facilities. 

We aim to post a new location on a weekly basis. Towards the end of the semester, we will ask students to vote on their favorite location. Follow us on Instagram (stoutoniaonline) to check in with the latest!

Abby Borash/ Stoutonia

Nearly hidden, the magnificent Gaming and Digital Innovation Lab is secreted within the first level of the Robert E. Swanson Library. The room is located near the bookshelves of DVDs and video games. Are you craving to play a round of Halo on an Xbox, but don’t possess an Xbox? Well, you’re in luck! Your craving can be fulfilled by quickly checking out the game itself in the digital media-related bookshelves and then requesting a gaming controller from the front desk. In a matter of minutes, you’ll be sauntering toward the Gaming and Digital Innovation Lab with a day of entertainment ahead of you. 

Personally, I get spurts of ambition to play some songs from the series of the Just Dance video game on Wii, but I unfortunately don’t have space to dance or have a TV in my dorm. Thankfully, the gaming lab holds a variety of game consoles including but not limited to PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Entertainment Systems and Wii. Not only does this room contain a smorgasbord of TVs and cozy sofas, but it also contains multiple computer systems to quench any desire to play online games like Minecraft or Fortnite. 

You should check out this room if you need to temporarily exchange the reality of being a stressed college student for a realm of endless digital possibilities.