Hidden Gems @ Stout is a comic series created by Stoutonia’s very own Illustrator, Abby Borash, and is intended to showcase locations around campus for students looking to expand their knowledge on what Stout’s campus has to offer. 

Abby will be creating and commenting on the locations by drawing—literally and figuratively—from her own experiences as a Stout student. She hopes to inspire other students to branch out from their daily routines and make the best of campus facilities. 

We aim to post a new location on a weekly basis. Towards the end of the semester, we will ask students to vote on their favorite location. Follow us on Instagram (stoutoniaonline) to check in with the latest! 

Illustration by Abby Borash

Do you ever find yourself wanting to unleash the inner musician inside? If so, the third level of the Applied Arts building has exactly what you need. Using the southwest stairs of the building, the practice rooms are located almost directly on the right wall in a horseshoe shaped corridor. Within this corridor, there are several private practice-room chambers with a piano and a bench. Often used by piano players, other instrument-goers and vocal musicianship, the spaces are welcome for all. 

Even though the second level of the Student Center and each dorm basement has a piano waiting to be played, sometimes you need to rehearse in private rather than to the public.

Personally, every day I fight the urge to drop my current responsibilities and escape to one of these piano rooms—I succumb most frequently before and after classes. Even though I am not involved in any performing art classes, I find playing-piano to be my ultimate stress-reliever, and chances are, I’m not the only one who thinks so. Whether you’ve been playing an instrument for ages or you would like to start a new hobby, these practice rooms are waiting to be occupied with any level of experience.