Jasmine Baker-

Blue Devil Productions (BDP) presented Sammy Obeid as the 2017 Homecoming Comedian on Friday, Oct. 13. Obeid has been a part of the comedy scene for quite some time, performing on television shows such as “America’s Got Talent,” “TBS’s Conan,” “Throwdown with Bobby Flay” and several other hits.  He is well-known for his 1,001-day performance streak and his consistent college campus performances across the United States. His shows are renowned for their play on whimsical truths and routines full of wordplay.

Obeid stated, “I find my inspiration for my routines from Math and Science, surprisingly. They always reveal some bits of truth in the world. The truth is everywhere if you look hard enough.” Obeid also gets some of his ideas from philosophical concepts. He said, “My method for writing is to always have some sort of outside observation of the world. I get some of it from the beliefs of Socrates.”

Students at University of WisconsinStout found his show admirable. Vaughn Hess Jr., a UW–Stout junior, said, “I haven’t heard of Sammy Obeid before, but after the show I found him hilarious and would love to see him again. Stout is they’re always bringing a new genre to campus. You’ll never know what you like until you try it out.” UWStout provides a range of talent, so students can attend events that may be out of their comfort zone.

Anna Cramer, a sophomore, believes that students who take advantage of free events like these will surely enjoy it. “Smaller venues make comedians more interactive with the audience and lets them be more comfortable with their routines,” Cramer said. Students can find free events throughout the year that bring well-known figures and performers to campus. Cramer said, “I like the idea that you get to see the comedians for free. They’re always really fun to watch while interacting with the crowd and being professional.”

BDP says they will continue to provide a variety of taste and talent for students with little to no cost throughout the semester.