Evan Thue –

Homecoming week here at UW-Stout is a special occasion, Parades, special events and Stout pride fill the campus and it’s all rounded off by the Homecoming Football Game. The game certainly has its importance around campus, but it’s not just a regular game.

The Atmosphere and the buzz the game creates is something that doesn’t happen often.

“There is absolutely a different atmosphere for homecoming games. This is a time where people all around come to watch the game, no matter if they are a sports fan or not. You can just feel the environment in the air” said Senior wide receiver Noel Gonzalez.

A certain energy fills the atmosphere that can’t be denied, and there is certainly a lot more going on during that week as well.

“There’s normally more people tailgating, more people in the stands, a lot more extra-curricular stuff going on around campus as well. It’s something that can’t be ignored but definitely something you try to not pay too much attention to when it comes to game time” said senior running back KeShawn Carpenter.

With many things going on it’s important to remember what the big game means for Coach Clayt Birmingham. one thing that’s very memorable is having alumni come back.

“For me as a coach, it’s always great to have our alumni come home and feel welcome.  It’s great watching our alumni, no matter what their age, fall right back into college mode when around their college friends and teammates.  Love hearing their stories and love hearing them talk about how campus has changed”.

What does it mean to the players themselves? Gonzalez has had this game on his mind for a while now.

“The homecoming football game is something that us players circle on our schedule. It is an opportunity for all students and staff to get together and show their school spirit”.