Katie Schulzetenberg-


Energy was running high at the annual University of WisconsinStout Homecoming Soap Box Derby on Tuesday, Oct. 10. Every year, UWStout’s student orgs look forward to building their carts and racing them down the 2nd Street hill.

This year’s participants included Phi Theta Chi partnered with Kappa Lambda Beta, Sigma Sigma Sigma partnered with Gamma Sigma Sigma, Phi Sigma Phi partnered with Delta Zeta, Technology and Engineering Education Collegiate Association, Residence Hall Associated partnered with National Residence Hall Honorary and Alpha Phi partnered with Chi Lambda. The Waterski team also participated, but they only competed in the derby portion of the homecoming events.


The winner of the race was junior Jessi Weber, a member of Tri-Sigma. Weber earned first, second, first and first again in the four races.  “I actually raced last year, and our cart got third. Last year we went by ourselves, and as much as we like being strong independent ladies, it was nice being able to team up with another org. We killed it with a bunch of fellow females, and that was my favorite part,” said Weber.  

Blue Devil Productions (BDP) Executive Producer Hannah Vogel was the announcer at this year’s derby. She was also at the build with a few other BDP members. They helped give out supplies to the teams and made sure everyone was following the rules. “The derby is an entire team affair, and it wouldn’t have happened without everyone’s combined efforts. All the teams were enthusiastic and great participants,” said Vogel.


The last race was very close match between Tri-Sigma and the Waterski team, but in the end, Tri-Sigma’s Weber came out victorious. There were a couple derby car casualties, but the drivers managed to plug on regardless. Overall, the soapbox races were a great success and they got people working together as a team to achieve something rewarding and fun.