Evan (5 time hide and go seek champ) Thue –

Well I usually start the day after pounding 8 red bulls and body slamming a refrigerator. I then head over to the gym where I run on the treadmill for 2 hours straight… with no breaks while staring at a picture of Freddie Prince Jr. It motivates me.

Then after that I eat a bag of uncooked Ramen noodles and cup of ice during my board meetings.

After that, it’s back to working out in which I do 650 crunches and do an hour and a half plank whilst balancing a bale of hay on my back.

I then like to focus on my inner peace and meditation. I call it Bob’s inner beauty time. I meditate whilst petting my puppy George Lopez.

After mediation it’s back to Shredsville for me, 100 push-ups, then 100 sit ups, then 100 more push-ups, then I eat my dinner which consists of 5 pieces of chicken, 2 pizzas and a whole French silk pie.

I end my night by doing a song and dance rendition of my favorite song Y.M.C.A by the village people. After three dances that does it, and I’m asleep by 5:30 pm.

        Method of getting Absolutely Shredded has not been approved by a medical professional, proceed at your own risk.

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