Holy guacamole! My fantasy football team has completely flipped the switch. Where did I leave off last time? Oh, that’s right, we were playing pretty mediocre. Well due to some big wins by yours truly (but not really me because the players did all the work) and some fairly big loses by some of my adversaries. Well, I’m now in sole possession of first place baby! How did I get here? Let me tell you.

So my first half of the season MVP, the Patriots, defense has not been the MVP at all in the second half. Not to say that they have been bad, they have been decent but they have not been getting the 30 points a game that I am used too. So with these victories, I have had to rely on one familiar face and two new ones.

The one new face that has been getting me through a lot of these games each week is Mr. Dak Prescott. Dak in these last three weeks has scored 21, 25 and 30 points respectively. Well, Dak, you have certainly been carrying this team on your back, but it would have all been for not if not for another player on the Dak Attacks.

My number one overall pick this season was Melvin Gordon. My oh my did he really stink for me in Fantasy the first half of the season not cracking above 10 points one time. But with the last three weeks, he has scored 11, 19 and 25. I’d like to insert a dancing gif to show how good I feel that he finally is playing makes me feel but I do not think I can do that, so just google dancing gif and take your pick to show how I feel. 

The last player that single handedly given me a win these last two weeks is Randall Cobb. Someone in my league randomly dropped him (the poor fool) and I picked him up, and he has scored 20 plus points every game I have started him in. Giving me three straight victories, and now sole possession of the first place. I know that we have a long rest of the way to go until the season finishes and the playoffs start, but man do I feel good with how good The Dak Attacks I even feel confident enough that we might make a deep playoff run. We’ll see if I regret writing that later. 

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