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International Education Week returned this semester to the University of WisconsinStout with a few events  to encourage students to study abroad. Events such as International Trivia Night and Culture of Tunisia were organized to generate awareness for global perspectives and prepare for the countdown to International Night.

Every year, the Office of International Education and International Relations Club hosts International Night for students from all across the world. Students bring a range of diversity to UW–Stout’s campus through food, exhibitions and cultural performances. Students showcased exhibits from Germany, Japan, Tunisia, China, India, Turkey, South Africa and Thailand. The Great Hall hosted the event on Nov. 9, and welcomed both students and members of the Menomonie community to join the celebration.

Each exhibit had student representatives from their home countries give insight on their international student experience at Stout. Students like Jennifer Lenk, an international student from Germany with a master’s degree in Architecture, strive to further their education while also adapting to a new environment.

“I’m really glad they host a night like this for students who are interested in different cultures. It gives people the chance to check out the different food and culture that we have,” Lenk said. 

“I’ll only be here for one semester, but so far my experience here at Stout has been amazing. It’s definitely different from home, but you start to get into the swings of things as the semester goes on,” Lenk said.

Other international students share Lenk’s sentiment. According to Aysegul Baltaci, a Turkish graduate student from nursing school, “Students learn so much about a country when they study abroad. For me, coming to Stout was an opportunity to meet people with different backgrounds while also getting an education,” Baltaci said. 


The Office of International Education will continue to incorporate education and globalization in an effort to further diversify student outlook on the world.

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