By Garrett Aleckson —

Block two of intramurals is underway at University of Wisconsin–Stout. It started Nov. 8 and will go until Dec. 3. The block is full of competition and has a variety of sports available. Lori Anda, Director of University Recreation, made a point of the different sports options available for students in the current block.

“Right now, the sports that we have going on are: basketball, volleyball, trenchball and soccer. We have our men’s competition and recreation, as well as co-recreation.” said Anda.

There are many choices in sports to play for intramurals, but that is not all that there is to offer. University Recreation is big on promoting an inclusive atmosphere for anyone and everyone who takes part in their programs and activities. Anda says that they want to provide a place for students where they can socialize and be more active in fitness

“We believe in a place for lifelong learning and lifetime fitness. So, it is important for us to provide programming and services for students. Students engaging in intramural programs can meet new people and relieve stress. It’s a way to engage on campus outside of the classrooms,” said Anda.

Intramurals can be a place where students can meet others outside of their major. Anda says that intramural sports in college are a great way to continue playing sports that you are interested in, while also meeting new people.

“A big reason to participate is to get out and meet other people for healthy competition. It’s something else on campus that allows students to interact with other students. When students can get involved in things that they enjoy, they are provided the opportunity to find their niche on campus,” said Anda.

Block two is the last block of the semester, but block three will be ready for students upon their return from winter break. Block three will offer various types of sports—futsal, wallyball, basketball, floor hockey and badminton. All sports have different leagues for different levels of competition, so you are sure to find the right one for you. As Anda says, anyone can join and it is really simple to sign up to participate.

“As long as you are a student and have your UW–Stout student identification, we have something for everybody. You can just go on the IMLeagues site and register—for either team or individual events,” said Anda.

Registration for block three will start on Jan. 19 and goes until Jan. 27.

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