Cam Parrucci-

Stoutonia is happy and thankful to be the first to announce University of WisconsinStout’s own cryptocurrency, StoutCoin.  After weeks and months of development, Stout staffers have finally made the step into a new kind of money, and a new, innovative way for available investors and students to pay for things around campus and within the Menomonie area.

StoutCoin offers peer to peer transactions and is guaranteed fraud-protected. Because of Stout’s laptop policies, every student now has the opportunity and the required programs to use their computers for not just education, but also cryptocurrency mining, allowing for more opportunities and use for the laptops.

The coin, now open exclusively to Stout students, will pay for services such as on-campus food, the book store, and many Menomonie events will accept StoutCoin as legal tender. Additionally, StoutCoin will allow for students to access to exclusive investor-only courses, internet content, events and student services.

StoutCoin will also be accepted at Menomonie-local stops such as Log Jam, Toppers and Raw Deal, with more businesses to accept StoutCoin in the near future.

Martin Peterson, the founder of StoutCoin and Computer Science/Business Administration UWStout graduate is excited for the future the cryptocurrency will bring. “I think Stout is a great location to start my new currency, with tons of modern students with laptops here on campus, and with university backing, StoutCoin will not only make me incredibly rich, but will definitely put Stout on the map even more worldwide than it already is.”

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