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Q: What is the biggest difference between competing outdoor and indoor?


A: “Competing indoor is very nice because there is no wind, rain, snow, bright sun or anything to affect your race and performance” -Kaitlyn Woyak (Fr, Plover, Wis.)..

A: “The weather difference can really throw off an approach for a jumping event or make you a lot slower. With indoor, the climate is always constant and you can always be consistent” -Morgan Gromowski (Jr, Watertown, Wis.).

A: “The biggest difference is the curves. You run a lot faster outdoors because you don’t have as many tight corners. It’s a lot easier on your body. My knee appreciates the outdoor track a lot more” -Alex Titterud (Sr, Lino Lakes, Minn.).

A: “The curves on the indoor tracks are probably the least favorite for majority of sprinters because they are pretty tight curves and are sometimes hard to run” -Tyler Odom (So, Oshkosh, Wis.).


Q: “Indoor track is on a 200-meter track where outdoor is a 400-meter track. The biggest difference between outdoor and indoor is the climate” -Ethen Schoen (Jr, Fall Creek, Wis.).


Q: Do you like competing indoor or outdoor more?


A: “I love indoor because everyone is out of the elements and you stay warmer before races. My favorite race is the 4×100-meter relay, and they only have it available outdoor” -Kaitlyn Woyak.

A: “I like competing in indoor track and field better. I like that all of the events are in one small building,, and I can watch all of my teammates. My approach for high jump is never thrown off by 20 mph crosswind” -Morgan Gromowski.

A: “I like indoor because you don’t have to deal with the wind or the crazy weather Wisconsin has. However, I definitely enjoy outdoor more with faster times and the fresh air. Now the weather just needs to cooperate so we can start practicing outside” -Alex Titterud.

A: “I like competing outdoor more because there are more events. I throw javelin, 400-meter hurdles, and the 4×1 relay, which are my main events, and those events are only outdoors” -Tyler Odom.

A: “I really enjoy both seasons, but I am better at indoor track so I should probably choose that as my favorite. Track just seems like it is meant to be outside though, so it is a tough call for me” -Ethen Schoen.

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