By Sam Kilgard 


Finding a way to spend a pleasant evening isn’t hard in Menomonie. But a perfect evening? Well, the Mabel Tainter may be hosting just that.


The Mabel Tainter will be hosting the Take2Day quartet this February 6 from 7 to 9 p.m. as part of the Tainter’s monthly wine series. Steve Renfree, the executive director of the Mabel, said, “The Take2Day wine and jazz night is a wonderful event that takes place in the public room of the Mabel Tainter. For a $5 cover you can enjoy a night of jazz and blues with a selection of wines and snacks available too.” The wine and snacks will cost extra.


Take2Day has performed at the Tainter as a trio with members Barbara Lyon, Patrick Pesek-Herriges, and Dale Freberg. This will be the first time they will be performing at the Tainter as a quartet with added percussionist, David Kile. The group will perform a selection of jazz and blues throughout the night. This will be the final wine and jazz night of the month.


The Mabel hosts a wine series every month, which usually includes one event at the beginning of the month and one event at the end. The Tainter is a gorgeous building filled with the rich history of Menomonie. The interior is a visual spectacle, with beautiful marble and golden trim all over. The theatre was constructed in 1889 and has stood the test of time. CNN has named the Tainter as one of the 15 most spectacular theatres in the world.

Attendees of this special are welcomed to dance or simply relax and enjoy the music. This will be the final jazz and wine night of the month, so Steve highly encourages people to come and take advantage of the great event!


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