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Menomonie locals and pizza fans, rejoice! Bono U2 frontman, humanitarian and businessman is making his way to the University of WisconsinStout.

This spring, Bono and U2 are headlining one of the most revolutionary music festivals Wisconsin has ever seen. Bono has coined the name of the festival “Jeffstock,” a non-profit event organized to save local businesses in downtown Menomonie, such as Jeff’s Pizza and Black Thumb Glass, both of which recently closed their doors in order to build a small hotel in downtown Menomonie.


“I remember when Jeff called me to tell me that his shop was closing down. The band had a lot of good memories at that pizza joint; we would always stop there during the Midwestern legs of our tours through the years, and we got to know Jeff quite well,” Bono said, “It hurts to see a place we love so much close their doors, so, we figured, why not stop it from happening? That’s where the idea for Jeffstock came from.

“Students are hungry all over Menomonie. Without Jeff’s pizza, many students may be forced to go to sleep hungry, or worse, eat at Domino’s. We love Jeff, and we love his pizza even more, so we feel we have to take it into our hands to save this place we love so much. As much as we think a town with less than 20,000 people needs a seventh hotel, Jeff’s Pizza is our priority.”

Students have jumped on the train to support Bono and Jeffstock, working hard to gain further support for the festival. Tickets are already selling fast. The entire lineup has yet to be announced, but a few acts are confirmed to show, including Eau Claire local indie band, Bon Iver, Shia Labeouf freestyle rapping and alternative rock band, Smash Mouth.

You can help support Jeffstock by visiting their official website, which can be accessed if you click here. Volunteers are needed just as much as ticket sales, so get out there and help them out!


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