Joaquin Phoenix puts on a happy face in Joker“Joker” is a character study of Arthur Fleck (played by Joaquin Phoenix), a mentally and physically unstable man that suffers from uncontrollable laughter when emotionally overwhelmed. Throughout the film, we see Arthur’s life begin to unravel from losing his job, to getting the opportunity to do his stand-up routine on his favorite late night show, “Late Night with Murray Franklin” (played by Robert De Niro), that ends with him becoming the famed Batman villain: The Joker.

“Joker” is a uniquely gut-wrenching film that has a great story and one of the best performances of the year from Joaquin Phoenix. Phoenix embodies Arthur Fleck on screen with the way Arthur laughs, his mannerisms, and how he acts in particular situations. The story is emotionally complex with sympathy toward Arthur, who has had it rough his whole life and slowly goes insane as the film progresses. The film puts the audience in an unconformable mood, which makes sense for the Joker’s origin story, seeing how he is a disturbing character that would make anybody feel uncomfortable. With that in mind, “Joker” is not a film for everybody. 

It’s a film that isn’t fun, action packed, or have heaps of Batman references. This is a film meant to take one of the most famous super villains of all time and submerges the audience into his dark and unpleasant psyche. 

“Joker” gets 9.5/10 stars. 

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