College students all across midwest campuses are often not surprised by Kaitlin Bennett, an outspoken gun rights advocate. Recently, there have been multiple stories of Bennett conducting interviews with students across the Nation.

“A conservative gun rights activist was tailed off campus by a swarm of mocking protesters” read the title of The Washington Post last month. Bennet, nicknamed “gun girl,” stepped foot on Kent State University’s campus, hoping to get a couple interviews with college students and make her way out.

According to Hannah Knowles from The Washington Post, “Students swarmed Kaitlin Bennett and her companions in a tense encounter Monday in several videos that went viral, showing students yelling, flipping off the visitors and at one point throwing drinks through an open window of their truck as it inched forward.” 

Some students on campus got to share their thoughts and opinions on the situation and how they found out about it. One student, Matt Korte, stated, “I know a little bit about her, I know that she is pro-gun and she has a questionable character.” Another student, Aaron Sims, commented on Bennet saying, “I know she is a graduate at Kent State University, and she had posted graduation pictures of her holding an automatic rifle.” Shockingly, one student named Blessed Joseph said, “I heard that she had pooped her pants in college and that she does things to get a reaction from people.”

The Ohio protest went viral all over social media, and viewers were all eager to see what had happened. Sims commented that he had heard about the protest “through Facebook and YouTube.” He said, “She was big around 2016, but lately she has been the buzz going through the University.” Korte’s initial reaction to the news was, “I heard a pro gun person was on campus and maybe that would be good, then I saw who it was and then I thought, oh not this is not good!” 

Kaitlin Bennett is known for going around campuses and talking and asking questions. Some of these interviews that occur are unscheduled.

Sims had quite a lot to say when asked about Bennett and her reasoning for visiting the university. “I feel like she has connections there (Kent State), since she graduated from there and has familiarity. But it is such an outdated form of entertainment now because, a few years ago when we had all right people trying to go against the social justice warriors back when it stirred up interest in people. It was very different and a bunch of people going against the social norm, and now it is worn out because it is the same discussion. I also think that it’s really problematic in what she is trying to do because there is no room for growing and developing.”