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On Thursday, March 9 from 8:30 a.m. to 4:15 p.m. in the Memorial Student Center, the Red Cedar Watershed will have its sixth annual conference. The conference will feature keynote speakers on the topics of water, land and people.


The first talk is called “Healthy Soils, Clean Water,” and it will be given by Jimmy Branblett, Deputy Chief for science and technology. He will be discussing soil health and conveying the multiple benefits to landowners and the public.


The second talk is called “I Dreamed the Earth was Healed and Whole Again.” It will be given by Kathleen Moore, a professor of philosophy at Oregon State University. In her talk, she will be encouraging us to repair our planet and clean up our waters.


Another talk will be given by University of WisconsinStout’s very own professors: Nels Paulson, Tina Lee and Chris Ferguson. Their talk will be called “Why the Red Cedar Watershed Will Not Fail: Practical Lessons from the LAKES (Linking Applied Knowledge in Environmental Sustainability) Project.”

Nels Paulson

The LAKES research experience is for undergraduates to better understand the root of pollution and find news ways to solve it. Students are able to take part in new research innovations and use their knowledge and research to help the environment.


The presentation will address the issue of the toxic blue-green algae and how to create new ways to clean up the lake that are more cost effective.


“It is meant to bring people together and to fix our lakes,” Paulson said. Students from the project have produced knowledge from their studies, and they intend to empower citizens to improve the land and water.


“The presentation is meant to offer insight into what the LAKES project is finding, and to teach citizens and elected officials how to adopt better practices,” added Tina Lee.


The Red Cedar Watershed Conference will be offering useful insight to bringing our land, water and people together.


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