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University of Wisconsin– Stout’s Furlong Gallery is used for a variety of shows throughout the year showcasing an incredible amount of student talent. Starting around Family Weekend, the student-led Prometheus showcase runs until the end of school.


But what is Prometheus? Kylie Bowman, a Junior studying Professional Communication and Emerging Media, who is part of two people running the show said, “Prometheus is a show that has been running for 39 years.  It is open to all students- they just have to follow the given theme of the event. This year’s theme [was] darkness.” Under the theme of darkness students can create whatever they feel represents it.


Over the past two years, “The
showcase has received over 140 submissions,” Bowman said. She also offered, “Out of all the submissions, only 15 pieces will be chosen to be showcased.” The Prometheus showcase is a very selective show and has prizes for its top artists.


To reward those who submitted material, Prometheus holds a ceremony congratulating participants and winners for their submissions during Family Weekend. This ceremony is also when the Prometheus booklets are distributed.


What makes Prometheus different than other showcases is that it’s collaboration of artists and writers. It brings together two different groups and finds similar ground through means of art and expression.


Students from all different majors submit work to the Prometheus collection, which only adds to the amazing variety of the show. Prometheus is a fantastic show to end the year on; it shows that students haven’t been completely consumed by the fast-paced end of the semester. It also allows a look into some students’ lives. Since there are no restrictions as to what you may submit, students become very creative and vulnerable.

So what’s made Prometheus so successful over the past 39 years? Hard work, dedication and, of course, the beautifully creative college mind.



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