Menomonie is anything but short of a good coffee shop. With a grand total of seven local cafés, your caffeine cravings should always be fulfilled.

Each coffee shop in Menomonie stands out in their own way. Some shops have live music, vibrant colors, and extraordinary decorations, while others are more peaceful and modernistic.

On campus, there are five coffee shops within walking distance: Acoustic Café, Marion’s Legacy, Raw Deal, Mood Boutique and Blind Munchies Coffeehouse. Acoustic, Marion’s and Raw Deal are all located on Broadway Street, while Mood and Blind Munchies are within a half mile radius of Broadway.

Both Acoustic Café and Marion’s Legacy have a calming charm to them.

“Acoustic Café has beautiful plant decor, the best hoagies and is an excellent space to study. It is typically mellow which makes it easy to focus and accomplish a lot of my homework,” said college student Jada Haese.

Like Acoustic Café, another student described Marion’s Legacy as a peaceful shop.

“Marion’s Legacy is a great place to go if you are looking to pound out some homework. It’s never too noisy, and there are tall booths you can sit at that give you a lot of privacy. This is my favorite coffee shop in town because I like quieter spaces to do my work,” said Stout Student Landon Lushanko.

Although some students enjoy a quiet space to study, others prefer just the opposite.

At Raw Deal people are often socializing, there is music, and the coffee machines are busy at work.

Raw Deal employee, Rachel Jackson describes the shop as welcoming.

“I would describe the overall vibe of Raw Deal as welcoming. It’s very homey, and everybody is so nice and selfless. It is a great representation of what a small business is,” said Jackson.

Jackson also plugged that Raw Deal specializes in real, raw ingredients.

“Everything is locally sourced and as vegan as it gets. Everything we purchase must be 90% organic and is extremely fresh. The shop is so special and all around stands out,” explains Jackson.

Similar to Jackson, an anonymous Stout student described the Blind Munchies Coffeehouse as a standout shop as well.

“The Blind Munchies Coffeehouse is extremely vibey. I love this shop all around. From the music station they play to all their retro decorations, you can’t help but feel good when you’re here. Not to mention they have great coffee and friendly workers,” said an anonymous Stout student.

Down the street from the Blind Munchies Coffeehouse is Mood Boutique.

“Mood Boutique is a fun and cute coffee shop. We offer a small menu but all our coffee/non coffee options taste amazing. The best part is that you can shop with a coffee in hand or hang out and do homework on our comfy couches and chairs,” said employee Lauren Meyer.

Menomonie also has two local coffee shops within a ten-minute drive from campus. These cafés are Golden Leaf Café and Scatter Brain Café. Both shops are family-owned businesses that have high ratings.

That being said, next time you have a caffeine craving just know there are plenty of options in Menomonie for you to fulfill it.

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