Johnny Thunder-

Wednesday of University of Wisconsin-Stout’s homecoming week brought students and faculty the second annual Lip Sync Battle. Inspired by the hit show on Spike TV, this event gave students and staff a chance to show their talents on stage. Hosts Hannah Vogal and Logan Bethke gave a bit of insight to the new tradition on campus. “[The battle] used to be just between staff and faculty, but this year it has more openings for students to compete as well,” Vogal said.

This year, the lineup consisted of six teams going head-to-head to earn different prizes given to the top three teams. Third place won a number of coupons for all-you-can-eat pancakes at Perkins. Second place won Stout Proud lawn chairs. The first place winners of the evening won a lunch with Chancellor Meyer in addition to all of the other prizes. This is the second year the event has happened on campus. It’s a laid-back but fun experience that’s welcoming for everyone. “A show with real singing and dancing puts a lot on pressure of competitors. Lip Syncing is easier for [the competitors’] confidence. It’s pretty low pressure and fun,” Bethke said.

A new addition to the Lip Sync Battle this year was the voting function the audience can use. Once the teams were done performing, the audience could use their phones to text in their choice for which team they thought deserved the grand prize and all the bragging rights.

Jake Redding, a seasoned and self-proclaimed professional sync-er, was a competitor for the Big Einsteins team this year. The team appropriately used a remix of the “Little Einsteins” theme song as their song of choice. “I’ve been lip syncing my whole life, but this is my first performance, so I’m a little nervous,” Redding said. “I’m hoping for the dub, but I can’t expect anything. Also,” he added, “I didn’t volunteer for this.”

Once the performances had ended, the votes were cast, and the Duty Dancers were crowned the victors of this year’s Lip Sync Battle. Their lineup consisted of students; Sarah Wanek, Hannah Lundquist, Kevin Moua and Theo Linder. The Duty Dancers performed a mash-up of female-fronted songs from artists such as Beyoncé and Lady Gaga. Lundquist said they practiced their routine for a vigorous hour the night before the event. “I’d like to thank the Red Cedar Staff for our win tonight because they’re awesome,” Lundquist said.

The Duty Dancers lineup ranged from veterans to beginners, but that didn’t stop them from winning the title. “It’s just our raw talent, you know? I would’ve fought someone for those chairs,” Moua said. Next year will bring just as much excitement and entertainment for the third annual Lip Sync Battle here at the UWStout.