Ryan Cook-

After being asked whether he would prefer ordering a pizza or going somewhere with burgers, local pushover Ernest Danielson stated that he would just go with what everyone else wanted. “If you really want to get pizza, we can do that. I mean, I had pizza for dinner last night, but if you guys are in the mood for it, don’t let me stop you,” said Danielson, while speaking to his friend over the phone. “Burgers might be good too, though. Do you know what Becky wants? Or what about Alex? Talk to them and call me back once you have a general consensus or something.”

Danielson continued to go on for another five minutes, listing the pros and cons of all options (including a local Chinese restaurant that no one had previously considered prior to the discussion). “I dunno. What do you want? I just want everyone to be happy with where we go to eat. Is there anywhere we haven’t been in a while? I’m thinking that buffet down the road might be nice, even though I know Jessie hates it. We could always hit a couple drive-throughs and just hang out somewhere else after, too.” After another grueling fifteen minutes of back-and-forth, things concluded with each of them just doing their own thing and deciding they’d maybe go out some other time.

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