Katie Schulzetenberg-

This past Saturday, Feb. 24, the University of WisconsinStout Events Society hosted their second annual Masquerade Dance. Last year’s theme was Enchanted Forest, and this year, keeping the fantasy style, the Stout Events Society took on Beauty and the Beast. The event was officially titled the Enchanted Rose Masquerade.


During this free event, drinks and finger food were provided to the guests who chose to get dressed up and don a masquerade mask.

Gabrielle Miller, president of the Stout Events Society, said that this dance was the first time that they incorporated all organization members in planning the event instead of just the board. They formed committees for  food and beverages, marketing, decorations and photography. “We brought all those components together as a group and we each had our own part to it,” said Miller. “This is our biggest event. The Masquerade Dance is the only event we do completely ourselves.”


The group also aids in hosting other events in the area. The Stout Events Society most recently participated in the Gifts of the Heart Benefit, which raises money for the Menomonie Free Clinic. They have also been involved in the Jeans and Jewels Gala for Dunn County Foundation and the Twin Cities Kidney Walk in St. Paul for the National Kidney Foundation.

We had a pretty decent turnout for the dance this year with about 100 or so students,” said Miller.

Miller suspected that the heavy snowfall that night might have contributed a lower number of participants as compared to last year and said that the Stout Events Society plans to move to dance to April from now on to avoid any bad weather. “Everyone who did attend seemed to have a blast. I know I did!” Miller said.