Maureen Heaster-

The Memorial Student Center’s Blue Devil Market has some nice sandwich options. You can grab a Buffalo Chicken, a Chicken Bacon ranch, a Spicy Italian or a Simply Turkey, among others. Each of these options is supposed to include your choice of meat, cheese and vegetables, letting you customize your sandwich however you like. Personally, I like to forgo the meat entirely and stick to the Veggie and Cheese sandwich, a supposedly simple and cost effective choice. However, ordering this sandwich often turns into quite an ordeal.

The amount of cheese on this sandwich is fine; eight slices for a whole sandwich is just the right amount. But then we get to the veggies, which is supposed to form the other half of the whole Veggie & Cheese sandwich idea, but more often than not, these sandwich artists are far too stingy with the veggies. I don’t like to be the person who stands there saying, “More of this please, more of that, so much more cucumbers, thanks,” micromanaging my own sandwich creation, but when I order a vegetable sandwich, I want those veggies loaded on those buns! This is the bulk of the sandwich! I don’t have meats; I need far more veggies than you’re giving me to make this a satisfying meal!

I’m promised as many vegetables as I want on my sandwich, and I don’t want them all, so when I ask for cucumbers, I’m going to need more than four gosh darn slices.

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