You’ve likely played the classic board game, Clue, where you and other players roll a dice to solve a murder mystery. Next month, Menomonie Theater Guild is putting on “Clue” for their Spring show — a slapstick comedy based on the 1985 movie surrounding the six beloved characters as they get blackmailed and sent to a mansion and start turning up dead.

Director Bob Butterfield says that similar to the film, he also has an all-star cast, and that “all of the actors in Clue have around 100-200 shows under their belts”. He combined the actors who usually do more serious shows with the ones who typically perform in musicals to create the perfect blend for this hilarious play. He says, “One of my favorite parts of the job is watching the actors develop and become their characters, even behind the scenes, I’ll hear (an actor) say something that sounds just like their character would say”. From the ditzy Mrs. Peacock to the clumsy Mr. Green, I was having quite a laugh watching rehearsal.

This is one of the first shows the Menomonie Theater Guild is putting on since COVID-19 put a hold on local theater. Everyone has been anxiously waiting to get back on stage, and this lighthearted mystery is the perfect way to humor the audience during hard times.

There are plenty of opportunities for students in this theater program. Even if being on stage isn’t your thing, help is always needed designing sets, making costumes, and promoting shows. Director Bob Butterfield wants students to know, “you aren’t just a part of the UW-Stout community, but the Menomonie community as well”, and supporting local theater is a great way to get involved.
Tickets are currently on sale for their shows, which are March 11-13, and March 18-20 at the gorgeous Mabel Tainter. Find them online on their website!