devilBy Connor Dahlin —

At the beginning of the year, the campus was lacking the presence of our beloved Blaze the Blue Devil. But in all the years I’ve attended this university, I’ve only seen the Blue Devil whenever large events were taking place.

This began my suspicions about the true story behind Blaze, the Blue Devil. My first thought was that Blaze must in fact be a very sad character. He is the only one of his kind. All the normal red devils must poke fun at him. No wonder the strange being smiles from cheek to cheek whenever we see him.

This led me to assume that Blaze must exist on two separate planes of existence. He fazes in and out of this realm on a whim. He isn’t just bicultural he’s bi-dimensional.

Trying to validate my suspicions, I followed Blaze after his last appearance at Homecoming. I saw him slowly creep away from the crowd toward the Johnson Fieldhouse.

He hid away in one of the rooms on the bottom floor and out walked a college student. I asked him, “Where’s Blaze?” The student stared at me and said, “I took off him off, the events over buddy”.

This sent my mind into a tirade. Could Blaze only exist in this realm with a host? Could the Blue Devil really be a cross-dimensional parasite?  This student didn’t seem sinister. He must be unaware of the implications of the situation.

I had to go sit alone in a dark room for a while to gather my thoughts. Blaze’s origin story is uncertain, but my investigations had led me to believe there are a few firm answers.

For one, Blaze cannot exist in this realm without a human host. His partial existence in our reality is dependent on those who physically belong here. In this way, Blaze the Blue Devil is a metaphysical being and can only be embodied as a representation of himself. But this form is not his true form because he exists authentically in the realm of thought and other dimensions.

Blaze, you slippery Blue Devil.

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