By Sam Kilgard —


The Midwest has never had a shortage of talented individuals, especially when it comes to music. With acts like Prince, Eminem and Kanye West, the Midwest has made significant contributions to the world of music. These artists worked tirelessly until they were finally signed by large labels. The bigger the better, large labels used to be the ultimate goal for an upcoming artist. Kanye signed with Def Jam, Eminem with Interscope and Prince with Warner Bros, Columbia and Universal to name a few.


Though big labels may have been the ultimate goal back in the day, the most common trend in music today is independence. Artists like Drake and Lil Wayne have fought famous legal battles for theirs, while other rappers like Macklemore and his producer Ryan Lewis have become famous off of their independence. Being an independent artist gives all the power to the artist, how many albums they want to make, the style of the album and the price at which to sell it.


In a world of increasing limitations, people and artists long for ways in which they can increase their freedoms. One artist that has found his freedom through independence is Bon Iver Percussionist and Solo Artist S. Carey: man who grew up in Lake Geneva WI and is currently touring the world with band Bon Iver.


Carey has a music style very similar to that of Bon Iver’s, but with more emotion and intimacy. It is a very unique style of Indie Folk that speaks directly to the heart. Carey’s voice suspends eerily over many of his tracks, drawing in your attention and hypnotizing you with his soft and melodic voice.


Carey’s intriguing voice is not the only thing that sets him apart from other Independent artists, so do his videos. With many of his songs Carey will release a piece of visual stimulation to go along with them. His videos tell a magnificent visual story that compliment his songs perfectly.


It’s refreshing when artists like S. Carey offer a new angle to the sometimes generic music market that we live in today.
S. Carey will be performing at Ambient Inks/ Knorth Studios on March 17th at 8 pm in Eau Claire.





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