Miloe, a Minneapolis based indie pop band, opened for Lydia Liza’s show, Thursday night in University of Wisconsin-Stout’s Memorial Student Center.

Bob Kabeya, Theo Galetka, Thomas Schroeder and Dom Winterbauer, all between the ages of 18 and 19, have been playing together since November 2018. Kabeya comes from a very musical family and was a junior in high school when he started his solo, lofi Soundcloud project. After meeting Galetka, Schroeder and Winterbauer through the Minneapolis music scene, they formed Miloe, with Kabeya on rhythm guitar, Galetka on drums, Schroeder on lead guitar and Winterbauer on bass guitar.

Ever since then, they have been performing at any venue they can. From basements to art museums, they have performed to over 50 different audiences. “Minneapolis has a very vibrant, young, and local DIY music scene,” says Kabeya, “so, there are tons of house shows and tons of bands playing like, ‘Why Not,’ ‘Heart to Gold,’ and ‘Lapdogs.’ There are many opportunities, as a young artist in Minneapolis, to get started playing.”

Many of Kabeya’s songs try to document teenage angst by using his feelings as fuel and inspiration. According to Schroeder, when it comes to the writing process, the band decides on what environment they want to create with their music. Whether it be a song for the car ride home or a banger to listen to with friends, they try to create a listening experience for everyone. 

They have written many songs already with one of their favorites being, “Yellow.” Their music can be found on Spotify, Soundcloud and at

Miloe plans on performing at more shows in the coming months, with plans to tour with Beach Bunny during the spring. 

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