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The negative temperatures may be forcing people to stay in at night, but that didn’t stop students from attending Blue Devil Production’s (BDP) second musical production of the semester. On Thursday, Feb. 2, supporting acts John Chuck and The Class opened for budding artist Webster X with their unique twist on hip hop/rap.

Webster X, a Milwaukee native, brought his electro-vibe hip hop style to the Memorial Student Center Terrace, enlivening the crowd with a few of his popular hits, such as “Intuition” and “Skin.” The upcoming rapper gained massive attention after dropping his 2015 single “Doomsday” that led up to the birth of his current album “Daymares.”

Two weeks into the spring semester, students took some time away from their studying to unwind with Webster X’s performance. Third-year student Chia Lor was one of many students attending. “The first two weeks of the spring semester have been really stressful, so it’s nice to find events like these that can help you destress from life,” Lor said, “I’m a fan of live music, and in general it’s good to take this opportunity to attend a free show.”

Alex Hines, a recent fan of the rapper, also expressed his input after the show. “It’s great to find a black artist that I can listen to. It’s great to promote diversity and black culture by bringing this kind of artist to our campus,” he said, “I didn’t know he was from Milwaukee, but that just makes him more relatable for me since I’m also from there.”

The new music director of BDP, Bridget McLaughlin, enjoyed the overall results of the show. “It’s awesome to see a lot of people come out and support good music while also having fun,” McLaughin said.

All of the artists’ content can be found on Spotify and Youtube.

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