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Flora & Ulysses is the newest Disney+ original based off of the novel by Kate DiCamillo. Flora & Ulysses is about Flora (Matilda Lawler), a ten-year-old girl who is obsessed with superheroes because her father (Ben Schwartz) is a comic book artist. After receiving not much luck at work, her father can’t take it anymore and he decides to quit. This leads to Flora’s mom (Alyson Hannigan) and Flora’s dad to decide to take a break from each other and live in separate places. This causes Flora to become a cynic until one day when her neighbor’s (Nancy Robertson) robotic vacuum suddenly goes berserk and sucks up a squirrel. Flora saves the squirrel and names him Ulysses (voiced by John Kassir), based after the vacuum that sucked him up. A day later, Flora sees that Ulysses has unique skills in being able to type out his thoughts on a computer, fly, and possess super strength. An incident at a donut shop involving Ulysses leads to Animal Control Officer Miller (Danny Pudi) to get involved to find and capture Ulysses before any further incidents happen. It’s up to Flora to train Ulysses to be a hero and keep him safe from Officer Miller.

Flora & Ulysses is a cute but predictable family film that is improved upon by its talented cast. The cast adds to the comedy, making the chemistry between the main three characters excellent. The Computer Generated Images (CGI) of Ulysses is well done with the way he moves and his facial expressions. This adds to the cuteness of the film. 

The weakness of the film is that the story and dialog are very generic and predictable for this genre. Certain events in the film happen for no real reason except being common plot points in the movie. 

Flora & Ulysses gets  

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