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On February 29, I went to see Dune: Part 2 in theaters with my brother and a group of friends. We had all seen Dune: Part 1 together previously. The official release was slated for the day after, but given the chance we opted to see it the day prior. After taking the time to gather my thoughts, I can definitely say the wait was worth it. The review could honestly end here by stating to go see it for yourself, but that wouldn’t be much of a review. Instead, I implore you to read my thoughts about Denis Villeneuve’s work, and from there, make your decision to go watch it afterward. 

Before diving into the full review, it would be smart to mention a couple of things. For starters, Dune: Part 2 is the adaptation of the second half of the 1965 novel by Frank Herbert. This means when the movie reaches its end, it will have told the whole story of the Dune novel. When it comes to the importance of watching the first part before the second one, it is very important to do so. A lot of the world-building established in part 1 will be needed to understand most of part 2’s outside the obvious narrative reasons. The last thing to note would be that several actors/actresses return for the movie along with several new ones. With that out of the way, it is now time to dive deep into the review. 

The movie starts out swinging by delivering a sight for the eyes. This won’t let up at all until the movie reaches its end which is what’s great about the movie. The visuals in this movie, including the narrative beats, are elevated greatly with a great music soundtrack throughout it. It adds to immersing oneself in the scenes as they unfold and being drawn into the dramatic beat-for-beat moments of the narrative. When comparing the visuals from part 1 to part 2, they honestly do not look that different. The first part looked good, but this movie took what it did in part 1 and ran with it in stride. The same can be stated when it comes to comparing the music between both films. 

The actors in the film were also a fantastic part that could be said about the movie. Those who returned for their roles hit it out of the park with delivering more to their character. Then, for those who came in as new characters in this movie, they were all very well cast. Not a single character in the film felt like they were miscast in any way, regardless of how much screen time each got. The acting, on top of the visuals present throughout the entire film, and the musical scoring done by Hans Zimmer, made it such a great movie that I can barely put it into words. Mainly because if I did, I would spoil the movie, and that would be such a disservice on several levels. 

Even though I was walking away from the theater with all these wonderful things to say, I still have one thing I could say about it in the opposite regard. That being some actors/actresses didn’t have as much screen time as others. Granted it’s a nitpick, but with how well everyone was cast down to the main character himself, I felt like a few more minutes could have been granted to them. Maybe they might add some deleted scenes in the eventual DVD/Blu-ray release of the film, but until then we can only hope. It’s something that has mainly picked my brain, but regardless, it was worth the mention. 

Overall, Dune: Part 2 does what any sequel should strive to do to justify its existence. That is to be not only a continuation of the movie that came before it but also to be a movie that is better in every way when compared to its first. Is this movie THE best film of all time? No. Is it a fantastic watch that is justified in its existence? Yes. If it is decided that you want to go see this film in theaters bear in mind it is a 2h 46m movie. If you want to or haven’t seen the 2h 35m first part, you can find it streaming on Max (Previously HBO Max) and on DVD/Blu-ray. In either scenario, it will take time to watch them, but honestly, that time will be well spent. 

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