Written by: Robert Timmler

Gregory Lawrence/ Collider

Bliss is the new Amazon prime original film starring Owen Wilson and Salma Hayek. Bliss is about a depressed telemarketer, Greg (Owen Wilson), whose recent divorce is putting a strain on his relationship with his children, which is worsened by getting fired from his job. That’s when Greg meets Isabel (Salma Hayek) who reveals the real truth about the world they’re living; it’s all a simulation. From there, Isabel and Greg’s connection through the fact that they’re real grows, and they fall in love. As Isabel keeps telling Greg that the world around him is a simulation, Greg must decide for himself if he is living in a simulation or if the emotional connections in this present reality are just too real to tell the difference.

Bliss is a very strange film that puts a new spin on a common science fiction plot. Owen Wilson and Salma Hayek have great chemistry together and are very charming. The story is mildly intriguing with the mix of romance, mystery and science fiction, with an interesting conflict surrounding the world real and the simulation. The visuals are engaging with the contrast of the simulation to the real world and how the simulation is grey and bleak, while the real world is colorful and warm. 

The weakness of the film is that it doesn’t have a clear message or focus. There are big ideas, but the film doesn’t spend enough time to develop them. This leaves the audience feeling emotionally unfilled.  

Bliss gets